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  Melissa Williams

   Audiobook Narration & Production

​   Voice Over

Melissa lives with her family, including two dogs and a cat, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains near Denver, Colorado.

After having a corporate job for most of her life, and as a self-proclaimed introvert, she decided to leave corporate America to work from home. Voice overs had always tugged at her heart as something she would like to explore, so she attended some classes and landed with a company that taught her how to break in to the industry. 
Loving to read, she explored the fast growing world of audiobooks and fell in love with it. She has 13 audiobooks under her belt and is currently working on the 14th. Understanding that she should always be learning how to improve her skills, she is currently working with Sean Pratt.

When not talking to herself in a padded room, she can be found walking her dog, singing or fishing the Arkansas River.

Assured, Empathetic & Relatable

Warm voice of reason meets College professor